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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page. This page can help you find answers to some of our most common inquiries. If you do not find what you are looking for, please visit our support page for information on how to contact our staff 24 hours a day.

Billing Issues

» How do I cancel my VIP membership?
» I am not getting my receipt emails ...
» What is +VAT?
» How do I update or retrieve my account info?
» How can I get a purchase refunded?
» Why am I blocked when I try to make a purchase?
» How do I add a new credit card?
» ERROR MSG: You can buy more credits when you are in the show.
» How will I be billed for this service?


» When is Cam 2 Cam Available?
» What kind of camera do I need?
» What is Cam 2 Cam?


» Why does the page layout look weird?
» Whisper Messages


» What parts of the site are Free?
» What should I do if I get a strange email request?
» How does live chat work?
» What are the different customer types?
» Does Flash work with my MAC?
» How do Lists Work?
» Why does my chat text appear in dark grey?

Group Chats

» What happens if I leave the show?
» When does the show end?
» What if the goal is reached before I pledge?
» How is this different from the old Group Chat?
» How are my pledges displayed in the chat?
» When will the Group Chat start?
» Is tipping allowed during a Group Chat?
» How many times can I pledge?
» Is Cam2Cam Available in Group Chat?
» What happens if the goal is not reached?
» How do group chats appear in my show history?
» What is Group Chat?
» What if I want to have a private show?

KIIROO Interactive Devices

» What is the difference between the Onyx and Pearl devices?
» What software do I need to use a KIIROO device?
» What is KIIROO?
» What can I do if my device is not responding or is jerky?
» Can I get the movements of my device to be in sync with the live video?
» Can one performer control more than one customer at a time?
» Which show types support an interactive KIIROO device?
» In which rooms can I use my KIIROO device?

Live Shows

» What is Party Chat?
» How Big is the Video in Private?
» It says I'm already logged in to a live show! Help!
» My Browsers Crashes / Java Errors
» How do I know if a performer is engaged in a Private Show?
» Will the performers use toys?

Login Issues

» If I use a screen name, will the model know it's me?
» Page Cannot be Displayed / McAfee Error
» I can't login, but no error is displayed

Play & Pay

» Can I use Play & Pay for Tips?
» Which card is used for Play & Pay billing?
» Can I use Play & Pay for Group Chat?
» How do I set my own Play & Pay daily spending limit?
» Can I use Play & Pay for Show Offers?
» What is the Access Charge?
» Why can I not use Play & Pay for voyeur shows?
» What is my daily limit for the Play & Pay?
» Why do I see two shows listed on the same receipt?
» Can I still use credits if Iím using Play & Pay?
» How quickly will you charge my card when I use Play & Pay?
» How do I turn Play & Pay on?
» How do I request a higher Play & Pay daily limit?

Show Offers

» How do I know if the performer is allowing me to offer a show?
» What happens if the performer ends the show early?
» What happens if I leave the offered show early?
» How do I make an offer?
» What is a Counter Offer?
» What is an Offer?
» What are Show Offers?


» How do I send a tip?
» What is a Tip Flood?
» Some users try to send fake tips. What gives?
» How much can I tip?

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